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Reno Concept Sdn Bhd is an interior design company that specializes in kitchen cabinet and kitchen appliances since 1998. Reno Concept is known to provide high quality design and products.

Reno Concept Sdn Bhd is located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.  We provide a wide range interior design such as kitchen cabinet, built in cabinet, office renovation, wardrobes, closet and others. Although we are interior designers in the background but our preference is in the kitchen cabinet design. We insisting that quality is the first priority, we never compromise customers' requirements.

Reno Concept Sdn Bhd is aimed to provide the best personal service to the customers. As small as we are, our works are frequently the published subjects of Impiana, the premier interior design magazine. If you are a loyal reader of the magazine you would not have missed our design.

Kitchen design from an interior perspective!

Imagine you walk into a kitchen that you feel like it is part of you? We believe everyone likes eating and cooking in a way. Some prefer to cook for themselves but some simply enjoy other's cooking. Kitchen in this way plays big part in people's life; day in, day out.

Graduated from the Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, Ling obtained her Bachelor of Art in Interior Design. In a way you could say that her design is quite "Taiwanese" but on the other hand her lecturers, many of them went to Harvard University to continue study in interior architecture have on major influence over her design orientation.

After experienced herself in Taiwan for 8 years she came back to Malaysia for good. The experience she earned from Taiwan made her believe design with materials of the highest quality is ont of the most important elements in id. Ling started her id career in Malaysia primily involved in the residential interior design. Over time, she has found herself fond of kitchen design more than anything else. Being an interior designer, Ling has a totally different approach to others. While on average interior designers are the master mind for the whole interior set up Ling has her favorite part in the interior-kitchen design.
"We would prefer that you touch and feel and then talk to us about your dream kitchen"

Eric, her partner in life and work, is specializing in commercial space design but from a background of advertising (Saito Academy). He too, has found that kitchen is the most beautiful part of interior design. His pesonal interest in cooking has given him more intuition on how to design a better kitchen cabinet system. A kitchen cabinet system that not only a symbolism of social status but also a place where the mums will love to spend their time. Therefore, the kitchen system must also act as "helping hand" to the mums (Mums normally do not consider daddies a helping hand!). Apart from being one of the sources of design inspiration, Eric is also in charged of the project budget. He manages the customer's budget so that within the reasonable mean a perfect system is built.

Both Eric and Ling come from different background of design; as a result they see kitchen design from the overall perspective rather than producing a purely functional system for the customers. After all, they do not want to design a modern Zen or modern Bali (which are the concepts she prefers to work with) when the owner has asked their id to give them modern classic design. Today, they devote themselves entirely to the perfection of kitchen design.

Sometimes we need some who understands kitchen to design kitchen, makes sense I think so.

Frequently featured in Impiana, Ling's works are of no strangers to the editors at Impiana. So, if you also want to know more about her design you could either check out Impiana frequently or you can bring along your floor plan to see her (Remember to call for appointment, she could be very tied up sometimes!).
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