BiOLUX Fountain
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BiOLUX Hydrogen Fountain Product Introduction

  • Hydrogen Water for drinking (instant)
  • Hydrogen Gas for inhaling
  • Ozone Water for sterilization and Disinfection

  • Japan No1 pH Neutral Hydrogen Rich Water Generator
    - The only 3 in 1 Professional Series Hydrogen Generator in the market
  • Hydrogen Water concentration up to 1299 ppb
  • Ozone Water concentration 1-4ppm
    - Infrared sensor controllerd Ozone Water
    - Revolutionary Technology from US Dupont
  • Up to 60 World Patents
    - Certified by Japan Hydrogen Water Promotion Association
  • Used in international renowned hotel chains : Marriot/Hilton/ Sheraton/ Shangri-La/ Ritz-Carlton/ Inter-Continental

  • Voltage : AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power 60W (in standby <30W)
  • Pure Hydrogen Gas Ouput : 40 cc/min
  • pH value of incoming water remain same

Warranty: 3 Years


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